Network Of CSOs

The primary purpose of Hum Aawaz is to build an effective network of CSOs and bring them together on a singular platform as a collective voice for Karachi’s issues. We believe the fragmentation prevents CSO’s from achieving more their optimal potential. The Hum Aawaz initiative believes that the coming together of the organizations on this platform will be a great enabler and help the Civil Society achieve the untapped potential. It will also largely address the issue of deficiency of resources amongst individual CSOs through resource sharing, amongst various other issues.

Resources Database

  • Increases organizational efficiency.
  • Increases effectiveness of projects.
  • Allows you to avoid risks by learning from other organization’s challenges and failures.
  • Shares intellectual resources across organizations to impact a larger audience.
  • Cuts organizational cost by using already developed material.

Capacity Development

  • Strengthens staff members by building and improving knowledge, skills and expertise of staff members.
  • Focuses on organizational development, the elaboration of management structures, processes and procedures.
  • Provides capacity to grow and to take on larger projects to reach more beneficiaries.
  • Develops more robust and far reaching program development and implementation.

Volunteer Database

In a country like Pakistan, volunteerism is the heart of social activism. Resources are scarce, especially when it comes to social causes. Volunteerism inculcates a culture of giving and contributes to increased self-confidence amongst volunteers. Volunteerism also makes social campaigns cost-effective, and may be responsible for the success of various campaigns that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. The Hum Aawaz portal aims to make a great volunteer database for the benefit of its member organizations.

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